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Cello 3

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the age range you teach?

I actually teach more adults than kids, although I love teaching any age. Overall, if you have a pulse you can become a cello wizard and I can help you get there.

Do you teach out of Suzuki?

I teach Suzuki 1-4, but I white out the fingerings to help students focus on the notes and learn to read music faster. My students are awesome sightreaders.

Do you do recitals?

We do about 3 recitals a year. One formal one in the fall, a Christmas one at a nursing home and a spring one at a park. 

Do all your students have to participate in the recitals?

Everyone in my studio in the past has been a part of the recitals. Brene Brown's Ted Talk about vulnerability explains how awesome it is to be put yourself out there. Recitals also provide great motivation to really polish off a piece AND for family/friends to celebrate you being awesome!

Do you teach lessons bi-weekly?

I always teach lessons once a week in order to get noticeable and motivating progress.

When do you teach lessons?

I currently teach lessons in the afternoons Monday through Thursday. 

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